Copic Markers

Copic Markers are hugely popular across a wide range of users from crafters, graphic designers, students, architects, garden designers and adult colouring enthusiasts the Copic range incorporating the traditional marker, ciao, sketch and wide offer a broad colour spectrum different nib options giving a comprehensive palette.

Understanding the Copic colour system

If you are new to Copic and have saved up to buy your first set then understanding how the colours are derived will help you in making your choice. Every Copic marker has a unique code that, once understood, gives you quite a bit of information about the marker’s qualities. There are four distinct elements to the numbering system starting with the Colour Family, followed by the saturation number, and then the brightness number

Colour Family - The letters at the beginning of the code indicate the Color Family. R = Red, YR = Yellow-Red, Y = Yellow, YG = Yellow-Green, and so on around the color wheel

SaturationThe first number in the code refers to the color’s saturation level. The saturation level indicates the purity of the color. A low saturation number indicates a higher degree of color saturation which means more vivid or intense color. A high saturation number indicates a less saturated color. These colors will appear dull or washed-out in comparison to the colors with low saturation numbers

BrightnessThe second digit in the code is the brightness number. It indicates the lightness or darkness of the color. The lower the number, the lighter the ink will be and the higher the number the darker the ink