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Artist-Grade Technical Pens For Drawing :

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What is a technical pen? 

A technical pen, also fineliner, is a pen intended for technical drawing for use by engineers, architects and drafters.
Technical pens are specialized in creating lines of uniform thickness. 
Artists, illustrators, cartoonists and graphic designers use these pens for drawing, sketching and concept art.
These pens are also great for doodling, writing, signature work and drawing

NOTE: This guide is aimed at artists. All the pens in this article are owned and tested by Ran Art Blog and all drawings are made by Ran Art Blog  

Pigment Liner technical pen by Staedtler is a quality, disposable pen with indelible, lightfast and waterproof pigment ink. 
Nib sizes: 12
According to staedtler, these technical pens can be left uncapped for at least 12 hours without drying. 

Staedtler Pigment Liner technical pen

High quality, lightfast pigmented ink 
Wide variety of nib sizes 
Caption on the top part of the cap to quickly find the desired size 
These technical pens can be left with cap off while sketching or drawing
Simple structure

    Pen & ink drawing of a sailboat
    Sailboat drawing with Staedtler Pigment Liner: Ran Art Blog

    With 12 nib sizes and high-quality ink, the Staedtler Pigment Liner is a good example of an excellence artist-grade drawing pen.

    The Copic Multiliner SP technical pen is designed for a lifetime of use
    Nib Sizes: 9
    Filler and nibs for Copic Multiliner SP can be replaced when necessary. 
    Besides black, These pens come in 12 colors. 

    Copic Multiliner SP technical pen
    Wide variety of nib sizes
    Replaceable nibs 
    Durable, non-smearing ink
    A high-Quality Technical Pen with a beautiful Design and a smooth aluminum body. 
    Caption on the top part of the cap to quickly find the desired size. 


    Audi car pen drawing with Copic MultilinerCar drawing with Copic Multiliner SP By Ran Art Blog



    Compared to other technical pens, Copic is significantly more expensive. That said, it delivers with high quality, beautiful design and it is long lasting. 

    The Pigma Micron disposable technical pen is a favourite with illustrators and for a good reason. 
    Nib sizes: 8
    These technical pens have a durable ink made of pigments. They are manufactured by Sakura. 
    In addition to black, these technical pens come in 14 colors for the nib size 0.45mm. Fewer colors for other nib sizes. 

    Pigma Micron technical pen by Sakura


    High quality, durable pigmented ink
    Affordable price
    Caption on the top part of the cap to quickly find the desired size

    Simple Structure
      Pen drawing of a house with Pigma MicronHouse drawing with Pigma Micron by Ran Art Blog

      Not that attractive design, but good prices and quality ink make the Pigma mic
      ron a favourite for many artists and graphic designers for drawing manga, comics and sketching. 

      Another great product from Kuretake, the Zig Millenium is a professional artist pen for sketching. 
      They are part of the Zig Memory System, which is a line of products designed for scrapbooking, journaling and card making with water-based pigment ink to preserve for future generations. 
      Nib sizes:6
      They also exist in 8 colors. 

      Kuretake Zig Millennium artist pen

      These are of archival quality and in addition to sketching, they are great for signature work. 

      Archival quality
      Pigment ink 
      Caption on the top part of the cap to quickly find the desired size
      Affordable Price

      Simple structure
        Pen and ink drawing of a flowerFlower with Zig Millennium by Ran Art Blog
        These are great pens for sketching. Their structure and size is a matter of personal preference. 

        TIP: Some sketching pens can produce both well-defined lines when perpendicular to the drawing surface and less defined lines when diagonal, which gives them another value. 


        There is a large selection for recommended brands of technical pens. Some are designed for any type of drawing or sketching while others are suitable for writing, signature work or hobbies like doodling and mandala drawing. 

        Pressing hard with a technical pen while drawing can scratch the paper sheet and damage it. 
        Technical pens have a thin and gentle nib, especially the small sizes, and can bend if pressed hard. 
        Some technical pens should be stored horizontally. 


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