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Whatever art equipment you’re after make sure you take a long look at Graphics Direct - where we believe creativity should cost less. Having the freedom to express your artistic flair on a piece of paper or other materials cannot be understated or underrated. It freshens up your mind and allows you to focus on something you enjoy. We have a good reputation of supplying several groups with the products they need to get the most out of their work. A bad workman never blames his tools, but having industry leading products certainly helps.

Layout pads may not seem like the most complicated piece of equipment around, however it’s crucial you invest in ones with supreme quality. We only stock the best brands for particular uses here at Graphics Direct. With reputable brands such as Letraset and Goldline sold at astonishing value we can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with what you buy, despite the cheap price tag. For several years, though, it has arguably been Frisk who has been the leading company for layout pads.

Design Studio Pads

Reasons for this are multiple. They are available in several sizes with A4, A3 and A2 all covered and sold at terrific value here at Graphics Direct. Numerous visual presentation work is suitable for these design studio pads. They are bleed resistant so pencil and fineliner work along with graphic marker rendering has excellent results on these sheets. With a large number of sheets and small price to pay it is no wonder why Frisk are so popular for buyers of layout pads.

At Graphics Direct we supply kits for schools, colleges and universities and our own brand of pads is a high quality product just like Frisk’s. This is exclusively sold by us and our layout paper is useful for advertisers. That’s because it has a sublime quality of white layout paper which is slightly transparent so advertising preparations are quicker with less hassle. Approved elements can be traced without disturbing other ones. These are British made and again, are sold at an appealing price.

Art Equipment At Graphics Direct

Another brand we are proud to sell is Daler-Rowney. Their design studio pads can be used for several things and are very versatile as the two aforementioned companies. There can be no doubting the quality of Daler-Rowney products due to the fantastic reputation they have established for over 50 years since their formation in 1959. Buying this product is useful for all of your preliminary and visual designs.

Whatever we sell at Graphics Direct is bound to make our customers happy by the quality and relatively little expense to order them. We value our customers so have a well organised delivery service to make you happy at every stage of your order.

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GraphicPro Layout Pad

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Daler Rowney Layout Pads

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Goldline Layout Pad

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