Presentation Boxes

Presentation boxes are a popular way in presenting work be it client presentations, year end shows and interviews.

These archival quality boxes offer a professional alternative to storage and presentation for all your prints and artwork. As part of our GraphicPro range of  products come the 18mm deep boxes made here in the UK in A4, A3 and A2 size, exclusively available from Graphics Direct. Don’t be fooled by cheap imported imitations and support UK manufacturing by choosing GraphicPro. For bulk orders or personalization simply call us on 01423 359 730 with your requirements. Subject to minimum levels.

We also offer a deeper 50mm clam shell box made by Seawhite of Brighton, in standard black finish or kraft brown.

If you are preparing for an interview why not use one of our presentation boxes.

Once you have devoted much time and attention when producing eye-catching artwork it is essential that this is displayed in an equally aesthetically pleasing manner. Here at Graphics Direct we believe that creativity needs to be supported by affordability, therefore we stock a range of affordable presentation boxes to showcase your excellent work to clients.

It is no use having a tremendous drawing or piece of graphic design if this is presented without much thought or planning. Having your work displayed in an untidy or somewhat careless manner will reflect badly on you and, most importantly, your company. Getting the little things right such as using suitable display boxes ensures that your organisation maintains excellent standards in and outside the workplace.

In an industry demanding innovation the qualities of simplicity can be overlooked. However, at Graphics Direct we specialise in providing businesses with intricately detailed products as well as less glamorous items which are just as important in boosting your reputation and an organisation’s standing. There is no substitute for success in a field as competitive as the creative sector and our team are committed to giving you the tools to grow.

Display Boxes Available

Presentation is fundamental to any thriving organisation, whether that’s choosing the best way to display your work during crucial pitches or something as basic as wearing smart clothing. You need to give off the impression you are professional and dependable, which is vital when pitching your creative products. After taking great care and consideration when working on certain projects it would be shameful to not showcase this in an effective way. Care must be taken when presenting your work, because this is what you will be using as an example of the qualities your organisation possesses.

If you have impressed potential clients with your words it would be extremely frustrating to be letdown by something so simple like badly displayed work. As we specialise in creative solutions for everyone, in businesses however large or small, it is almost certain our website will have the suitable display boxes you need for crucial presentations. At Graphics Direct we stock a range of presentation boxes with different page sizes in order to assist producers of artwork and prints.

Taking a superb piece of work into a presentation is not enough - you need to present this in an engaging way. A poor quality of display will be noticed immediately and shall quickly put negative thoughts in the heads of people you need to wow. A huge step in achieving this aim is by viewing the range of display boxes available on our website.

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Display Boxes 18mm depth

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Display Boxes 50mm depth

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Kraft Storage Boxes 50mm Depth

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A2 Print Box 18mm deep pack of 3

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A3 Print Box 18mm deep pack of 3

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A4 Print Box 18mm deep pack of 3

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