Pantone Fashion & Interiors

Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors Guides are a must for anyone studying or working in these industries. Having the latest colours to hand in either cotton or paper formats will allow you to quickly select your colors, judge trends and influence future colour decisions.

With the latest guides & promotional discounts available for our education users there has never been a better time to invest in the Pantone FHI guide system.

Visit our Pantone Resources page, bringing you videos & guides to help you with all your Pantone needs.

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Pantone Fashion, Home & Interior Color Guide

On Sale £184.99 (inc VAT)

Save 18%

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Pantone Fashion Home & Interiors Paper Traveller

On Sale £359.10 (inc VAT)

Save 5%

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Pantone FHI Cotton Passport

On Sale £634.98 (inc VAT)

Save 5%

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Pantone FHI Cotton Planner

On Sale £1,069.96 (inc VAT)

Save 13%

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Pantone Skin-Tone Guide

On Sale £123.12 (inc VAT)

Save 10%

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Pantone Nylon Bright Swatch Set

On Sale £148.98 (inc VAT)

Save 6%

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