Whether you need easy access to large scale drawings, detailed architectural plans or intend to archive them we have a number of solutions to suit. Arnos Hang-A-Plan system combines mobile trolleys and hangers alongside wall mounted brackets to give you flexibility, ideal in a busy office or on-site. We have just added the Quickfile Binders and adjustable trolleys to the range to give you greater choice.

For longer term storage maybe in a museum, office building or civic building then take a look at our range of both traditional timber and metal planchests. Orchard metal or the ever popular Milano range offer you robust sheet steel finish. For those after a more natural finish we offer 3 timber veneers to choose from. Available in a variety of A-sizes with drawer combinations these units offer secure and stylish storage solutions.

Colour options are available and castors can be fitted to most units. Contact us on 01423 359 730 to discuss your requirements.