Technical Pens

Technical Drawing Pens are a critical part of equipment for any Artist, designer or Architect. That is one of the reasons why we stock industry leading brands such as Rotring, edding, GraphicPro, Staedtler etc at competitive prices, because we believe equipment should be exceptional but affordable. We are suppliers for a wide range of businesses, from large corporations like Coca-Cola to all major Universities around the country, proving how versatile our products are and how effective they are with such high-profile companies trusting us with the responsibility of providing excellent and versatile equipment.

The technical pens we sell can be used on several surfaces and have a superb quality of finish whether they are used on tracing paper, detail paper or acetate. Our sets come with different nibs which is useful in a variety of tasks for professionals who are busy working on different projects. This is also a big step in helping your company to grow in size and reputation. This is because you can adequately complete more everyday jobs with a greater variety of tools. We sell from reputable brands such as Rotring and Staedtler which means that our Graphics Direct service gains even more credibility.

Isograph & Rapidograph Pens

Technical pens with different nibs are crucial in creating drawings with particularly fine detail and the stock we offer from Rotring is suitable for architects, illustrators and graphic designers alike, along with anyone who needs to produce accurate drawings. Whether you are using radiograph or isograph pens we supply appropriate replacement nibs to ensure your busy schedule and enjoyment of drawing is not interrupted in a disruptive manner. We guarantee constant ink flow whatever type of technical pen our customers use so they get the best results possible despite changing nibs of the exceptional pens.

Rapidograph and isograph pens would be useless without ink which is why we sell isograph and radiograph ink in a variety of colours. These ranges helps spark fresh ideas among creative minds and is a good addition to your stock cupboard should you require a change of direction on a particular task. Printer ink may be notoriously expensive, but ink for technical pens are anything but – without compromising the super finish of your drawings.

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Rotring Isograph Set

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College Technical Pens set of 3

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Rotring Isograph Pen

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Rotring Isograph Nibs

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Rotring Isograph Ink 23ml black

On Sale £8.18 (inc VAT)

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Isomars India Ink Drawing Set

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Isomars Acrylic Ink Set

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Isomars Mixed Paint Brush Set

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Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic, set of 8

On Sale £26.99 (inc VAT)

Save 26%

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