Compass Sets

Here at Graphics Direct we stock a range of Technical Drawing Compass Sets for all budgets. Whether it's a bow compass, 6 piece set or rapid adjustment we stock the following brands Rotring and Staedtler so there is something there for every one. For a budget compass the GraphicPro Rapid Compass offers an affordable technical solution.

For those needing a larger scale compass then take a look at Ecobra 2-piece Beam Compass.

If you need any help on which compass set to purchase please give our team a call on 01423 359 730 and we will be only too glad to assist.

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GraphicPro Rapid Compass set

On Sale £7.20 (inc VAT)

Save 52%

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Rotring 4 Piece Compact Compass

On Sale £15.84 (inc VAT)

Save 21%

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Rotring Compact Compass

On Sale £15.74 (inc VAT)

Save 20%

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Rotring Universal Compass

On Sale £9.62 (inc VAT)

Save 36%

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Ecobra 2-piece Beam Compass

On Sale £67.36 (inc VAT)

Save 24%

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Staedtler Compass 55202

On Sale £24.02 (inc VAT)

Save 47%

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Staedtler Mars Comfort Compass 55600

On Sale £11.41 (inc VAT)

Save 39%

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