Drawing Boards

We stock a comprehensive range of Drawing Boards from entry level right up to Professional Drawing boards with engineers parallel motions and drafting machines.

For advice on the right board for you and your budget please call 01423 359 730. 

Which drawing board do I need?

In business the little things can often count in your favour as you strive to produce the best quality of drawing and graphics design. Although there is a large emphasis on the quality of your equipment the importance of drawing boards can get overlooked. At Graphics Direct we offer a broad range of Technical Drawing products for every task and know that each product designers use must be of a superb standard no matter what it is used for. We have a number of different drawing boards which suit your work and budget.

Create individuals should not be hindered by incompetent products and at Graphics Direct we ensure our customers get exceptional goods at a decent price. These can be used by people of all abilities as art is a subject and hobby which everyone should have the opportunity to do on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why our products are long-lasting because we know shoppers want to invest in things they can rely on which help produce stunning results and are also durable.

The items sell have a variety of sizes for individuals of all ages and aspirations. An example of a reputable brand we stock is Rotring whose drawing boards are found in architectural practices up and down the UK. This does not mean you will be priced out of buying a drawing board from Graphics Direct, though. Our belief is creativity should cost less because of the benefits of drawing among other artistic activities.

Blundell Harling Drawing Boards

Everyone has a different way of working and to get those creative juices flowing you may have to work in a slightly unorthodox fashion. If it is as basic as moving around instead of being confined to one space then Blundell or GraphicPro drawing boards may be suitable for you becoming more productive. Their boards stocked by us are portable, meaning you can move closer to fixed tools in order to speed up your process of work.

Creativity should not be limited in any way so often the environment you work in can enhance how focused and therefore industrious you are. Although the Blundell Harling drawing boards are sturdy, they are lightweight enough so you can easily move them around your work station. Portable products can create a more dynamic quality to a company’s base while gaining a better quality of objects to regularly work with.