No matter what your position or age group, it is always rewarding to get creative and at Graphics Direct our array of new fineliners and pencils available give you extensive options to do so. One of our key objectives is providing a wide range of affordable equipment for all, whether you want to be artistic at work, home or school.

We have a superb amount of choice for everyone, including top brands such as Sharpie and Edding, as we know that carefully scribing that neat detail to a piece of work is essential in elevating its excellence and uniqueness to the next level. Our range of ZIG Kuretake & Pentel fineliners, for example, can help you do just that – all at terrific value. The versatility of these products mean you can excellently use them for scrap booking, technical drawing, illustration, sketching and adding that crucial fine detail. Our Rotring fineliners have specialist tips which allow you to draw or straightedges and templates while keeping the same high quality finish throughout.

At Graphics Direct we ensure that creativity costs less, and our commitment to providing quality products at low prices has seen us consistently expand our customer base for a number of years – something we wish to continue long into the future.

Drawing Pencils

We also stock a variety of drawing pencils in different sets to tailor your needs. A range of drawing pencils are an effective way of engaging children in art lessons at school as this selection gives them wider scope to create unique artwork. Our stunning quality of drawing pencils will enable children, adults or professionals to get the desired outcome their inventiveness deserves.

If you require ink that is permanent you should look no further than Sharpie pens, which have a wealth of credible history and celebrity endorsement. Like a lot of our fineliners and pencils stocked, the Sharpie is suitable for office, education and home use. Our website is also helpful in providing equipment for more technical work with mechanical pencils available to give you even more control when drawing.

New Fineliners And Pencils Available

At Graphics Direct we offer customers of all ages and abilities an amazing array of products which can either add those fine details to your artwork or form the starting point of something special. The leading brands we stock can be the sole piece of equipment you need to finish your creative sketch. We are also suitable in providing kits packed full of quality and versatility which enable people to put their artistic flair on paper among other materials.

Owning creative products does not have to be expensive as demonstrated by our diverse range of affordable equipment that anyone can use. That’s not to say we do not value professional artists, because we stock numerous reputable brands which have been supplying reliable products for decades. For more information, please visit our website to get a closer look at the equipment we sell at extraordinary value and equally unbelievable quality. You will be thrilled by the new fineliners and pencils available to purchase without taking a chunk out of your bank account.