The Art of Presentation

by Grace Booth



1. Portfolio

Graphics Direct offer a variety of portfolios designed with students in mind, we offer a wide range which can be suited to each individual. Sizes starting from A4, all the way to A0 designer cases so we really can cater for everyone, whether its on size, purpose or price, ranging from £14 onwards for portfolios , including our own GraphicPro Brand “A3 - A1 GraphicPro Graduate Presentation Portfolio”.

2. Sleeves

Now that you have your perfect portfolio, don’t let your standards slip! Take a look at our top Quality display sleeves, available in A4, A3, A2 & A1 and are ideal for our GraphicPro portfolios

You may be thinking, what makes these different to all the other sleeves on the market?

Well, the display sleeves here at Graphics Direct are a thick 140 micron, medium gauge and non-stick PVC material, with welded reinforced holes for added strength, Whereas others on the market are a thinner 110 micron providing less protection and lacking the quality which is essential if you are wanting a professional finish to your portfolio. 

3. Print Boxes 

Looking for a different way for presentation rather than a portfolio, then Display Print Boxes are our favoured alternative. Part of the GraphicPro range, these are made from black buckram with archival white lining . 

What can they be used for?

Print boxes can have a variety of uses, they are the ideal solution for storage, displaying prints , presenting portfolio work or just for general artwork, to keep everything safe and secure in one place. A modern and stylish alternative to the traditional presentation portfolio and made entirely here in the UK


4. Mount Board And Card 

GraphicPro Mount board is perfect for any presentation , available in Black and White in a varietyof sizes and pack quantities. This mount board is manufactured by the leading UK supplier and is a high quality 1400 micron board. 

Don’t want mount board, what's the alternative? 

Why not try our 250gsm white lightweight display card or 270gsm black , these are an ideal alternative for artwork mock-ups or even inserting into presentation sleeves to give a sturdy piece of work

5. Cutting Knife

Do you need precision? 

Then the Swann-Morton non-surgical knife is the one for the job. Swann Morton are brand leaders in precision cutting equipment. This handy blister pack is ideal for hobbyists, students and professional’s who are regularly cutting mounts and models. Handles and blades, including the retractable handle, are also available individually

Need precision as well as something more robust? 

If you need a more robust knife for cutting picture mounts for example, then our hobby knife would be more suitable, complete with snap-off type blade with metal reinforcement, these are ideal for cutting foam-board, mount-board and card

We have a comprehensive range of knives available along with sets for a variety of jobs. 

6. Cutting Mats

Cutting mats are an essential part of any display work not only protecting your work 

surface but to make cutting and trimming much easier and smoother. We stock a wide range of cutting mats ranging from

A4 all the way up to A0.

If you need a translucent cutting mat, then look no further!

We stock translucent 3 ply mats have a self healing function, ensures precise and invisible cutting traces.

We also stock West design mats and Premium Cutting mats.

All the cutting mats available have a hardcore surface and can be cut on repeatedly. Anti-slip and anti-reflecting surface,

cutting mats are good for all kinds of cutting.

Available in sizes A4/A3/A2/A1/A0  

7. Adhesives 

If you are mocking up work, creating visual display panels or mounting prints you will need to use some form of adhesive. Graphics Direct offer a range of products: 

3M spray adhesives , 3M Scotch magic tape, Zig 2-way glue, Sakura Quickie Glue Pens

3M Spray Adhesives-Still the brand leader in spray adhesives

Whether you are mounting photographs, prints or posters 3M spray adhesives have a solution for you, 3M continues to be the first choice for design professionals when mocking up artwork and gives guaranteed results every time. 


Presentation Tips!

Putting your portfolio together is a balancing act between making sure you get enough pieces in but not overloading with average content. Remember quality and not quantity is the key. In most cases lecturers will have formed an opinion within the first 6 pieces you show and may not even bother to view the whole portfolio. If you feel some work is weaker than others then space these pieces out. You need to make sure you have uniformity in your portfolio- i.e all the mounts are the same size, borders are the same width and that you can talk confidently about each piece. If in doubt leave it out, one average piece submitted to just bulk up the portfolio could reflect badly on the overall presentation.


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