The Teachers Solution for Sourcing Your Students Equipment

by grace booth

Graphics Direct – The Teachers Solution for Sourcing Your Students Equipment
If you are a teacher, educator, and lecturer preparing for a new class, you know it can be a challenge. Whether it's your first time teaching a specific course, or your hundredth time, it still takes a lot of time and energy to prepare thoroughly. Educators have to balance their time between teaching, research, preparing, gathering supplies, and any additional tasks your department requires at a university. 
You have to research your subject to cover all material available, create lesson plans to keep your students engaged, ensure they are on track to learn what they need to move forward in their education, and create rules and class guidelines for every student needs to follow. You will also need to ensure your students have all the proper equipment they will need to be successful in your course. 
Many teachers are responsible for gathering supplies for each student attending their course or putting together lists for students to gather their own supplies. Often, the supplies need to be purchased from various stores that may not carry all the supplies you need in one place. Thankfully, supply stores like Graphics Direct can help you gather your supplies for you and ship them directly to where you need them.
Benefits of Partnering with Graphics Direct for Supplies
Graphics Direct can help take the hassle out of sourcing your student's equipment. Let's go over the benefits of partnering with Graphics Direct.
You can focus on lesson plans and teaching – Teaching is no easy task, and when you need supplies, it can take a lot of time for you to put together lists, drive to stores, and purchase what you may need. When you order through us at Graphics Direct, we take the burden of finding the supplies you need and having them delivered directly to you with an extra fast delivery service to focus on the actual teaching. 
Students can take the guesswork out of what supplies they need for a class – If you are a student purchasing your own supplies for your class, purchasing through our website can guide you to the college kits you may need to start your next design course. 
If you feel lost or need help at any time, we offer incredible customer support – Our support team can help you with anything you may need, whether you have questions on the supplies you need or if you need help putting together your own supply list, we have you covered. You can always count on us by contacting us through phone or email. 
We offer top brands at competitive prices – When you purchase supplies for art and design, most students and teachers know that using cheap art supplies often doesn't put out the best or quality work. For quality designs, you need to be sure to invest in the best equipment in the market without breaking the bank. Saving money on art supplies is always a plus, and with Graphics Direct, you can get the top brands at the best prices and even qualify for discounts. 
We've prepared custom kits to make ordering supplies a seamless process – You can navigate through the kits we've already prepared by working together with teachers and staff to create a comprehensive collection of course kits for teachers and students to be able to easily browse and purchase directly what they need for the course the student is taking. Students and teachers can also use the premade kits as guidelines for any course they are building out. 
Students that have the correct equipment when class begins allows the class to start on time and move forward without falling behind – Starting off class with all the right equipment for each student will enable you to move forward with the lesson plan without having to put projects off for days or even weeks while waiting for supplies to be delivered. If anything comes up and you need supplies fast, Graphics Direct offers fast, overnight delivery to help keep your class on track and get you your supplies when you need them fast.
When you order with Graphics Direct, you get green solutions that are great for the planet – We believe everyone has a responsibility to do their part in helping to lower the carbon footprint that is putting the earth in danger through global warming. Not only have we started to use recycled packaging that is 100% biodegradable, but we have also recently partnered with More:Trees, who will plant a tree on our customer's behalf after spending a certain amount through our website. When we all make small changes, we can help slow down global warming by going greener.
What Makes Graphics Direct Stand Out
Graphics Direct was established in 1998 with a vision to offer brand-name graphic art supplies to students at affordable prices. With over 20 years of expertise behind our warehouse doors, we are leading the industry where you can find the best graphics equipment online; we carry everything you may need, from technical pencils to the highest quality sketch pads on the market. 
Through hard work and with the help of our reliable team, we have been able to help put together quality supply kits and deliver them to some of the top educational establishments across the country throughout the year. We've served teachers, students, and educators at universities such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, Northumbria University, Sheffield University, and many more. We offer competitive prices and quality products with fast delivery making us the top choice for your graphic supply needs. 
Let us help take on the hard work of putting together supply kits for your next class so you can focus on refining your lesson plans and taking on the more important job of teaching your students. 


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