Top 10 Most Essential Architect Supplies that you will need

by Chris Booth

As an architect, having the right tools and supplies is crucial to producing high-quality and accurate work. Here are the top 10 most essential architect supplies you will need to include in your toolkit:

  • Mechanical Pencils: A good quality mechanical pencil, such as the P200 Pentel Pencil or Rotring Mechanical Pencil, is a must-have tool for architects. They allow for precise and consistent lines, which is essential for creating accurate and detailed drawings. 

  • Scale Rules: Scale rules are used to measure and draw accurate scaled drawings. They come in various scales, such as 1:50 or 1:100, and are essential for accurately depicting the size and proportions of a building or structure
  • Detail and Tracing Paper: Detail paper is used for creating more detailed and accurate drawings, while tracing paper is used for overlaying drawings and making adjustments or alterations. These types of paper are essential for refining your designs and ensuring accuracy.
Tervakoski detail paper
  • Quality Sketch Pads: A quality sketch pad is essential for creating rough sketches and preliminary designs. It allows you to quickly jot down ideas and concepts and helps to keep your work organized.
  • Fineliners: Fineliners are used for creating fine and precise lines. They come in various thicknesses and are essential for detailing and shading your drawings.
  • Cutting Mat: A cutting mat is essential for protecting your work surface and ensuring clean cuts. It's a must-have tool for any architect who needs to cut paper, foam board, or other materials.
  • Foam Board/Mount Board: Foam board and mount board are used for mounting and displaying your work. They come in various thicknesses and sizes and are essential for creating professional presentations.
  • 3M Tapes & Adhesives: 3M tapes and adhesives are essential for sticking papers and other materials together. They are durable and won't damage your work.
3M spray mount and adhesives
  • Adjustable Setsquares: Adjustable setsquares are essential for creating precise angles and ensuring accuracy in your drawings. They can be adjusted to various angles and are a must-have tool for any architect.


Adjustable set squares
  • Swann Morton Knives and Blades: Swann Morton knives and blades are used for cutting and trimming paper and other materials. They are durable and precise and are a must-have tool for any architect.
Swann Morton knives and blades

In conclusion, having the right tools and supplies is essential for any architect. From mechanical pencils and scale rules to cutting mats and 3M tapes, these top 10 essential architect supplies will help you produce high-quality and accurate work.


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