3m Spray Adhesives. What you need to know

by grace booth



3M - Still the brand leader in spray adhesives Spraymount, Displaymount & Photomount




 3M is a well-known company that produces a range of adhesive products for various applications. Among their popular products are the 3M spray adhesives, which are commonly used in the arts, crafts, and design industry. 3M spray adhesives are designed to provide a strong and permanent bond between different materials. They come in different variants, with each variant having unique properties suitable for specific applications.


Three of the popular variants of 3M spray adhesives are the 3M Spray Mount, 3M Photo Mount, and 3M Display Mount.


3M Spray Mount is a versatile adhesive spray that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for mounting lightweight materials such as paper, cardboard, and fabrics. It is commonly used in the graphic design industry for creating presentations, mock-ups, and artwork. Spray Mount provides a strong and permanent bond that does not wrinkle or stain the material being mounted. It also allows for repositioning, making it ideal for situations where adjustments are needed. 


3M Photo Mount is a spray adhesive designed specifically for mounting photographs and other sensitive materials. It is acid-free and pH neutral, which makes it ideal for preserving the quality of  photographs and other artwork. Photo Mount provides a strong and permanent bond that does not damage or wrinkle the material being mounted. It is also non-yellowing, which means that it does not discolor over time, ensuring that the artwork remains vibrant and clear. 


3M Display Mount is a high-strength adhesive spray designed for mounting heavier materials such as foam boards, plastics, and metals. It is ideal for creating displays, exhibitions, and signage. Display Mount provides a strong and permanent bond that can withstand high temperatures and humidity. It also dries clear, which ensures that the adhesive does not detract from the appearance of the mounted material. 


Whether you are mounting photographs, prints or posters 3M spray adhesives have a solution for you. Available in individual cans of 200ml or 400ml or save even more by purchasing one of our case deals. Take a look at the full range of 3M Adhesives here...



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