Xyron Professional Lamination Range

When it comes to applying adhesive to one of your pieces of mountboard or foamboard, there are a few things that everyone will want to avoid. Firstly, the smell – irritating at best and obnoxious at worst, it’s something that has plagued users of adhesive equipment since their invention. Secondly, it’s the mess – regardless of the scale of your project, it’s obviously always preferable to keep mess to a minimum, if only just for peace of mind. Last of all, it’s a prolonged waiting time, something that speaks for itself in terms of inconvenience.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Here at Graphics Direct, we are acutely aware of the confinements that poor adhesive equipment can place us under and for that reason we have ensured that we stock products that are designed to make your life easier. With the Xyron Professional Range, this is definitely the case – through their intricate specifications, they have managed to manufacture a selection of tools that will take your processes to the next level. Boasting efficiency and effectiveness in equal measure, these Xyron lamination machines will be the perfect addition to any personal or professional setup.

Xyron Lamination Machines

There are a huge range of potential possibilities that the Xyron Professional Range can help you realise. If you have an important client presentation that you need a few mock-ups for, the Xyron lamination machines are ideal for allowing you to produce and print these with ease. If you need to apply adhesive to protect a detailed project story board, or you need to create large format posters designed to be durable and lasting promotion materials, you needn’t look any further than these.

Through the application of innovative laminating techniques, the Xyron Professional range has managed to set itself apart from its competitors. Double sided edge-to-edge film lamination, for example, means the artist can be cropped to size without curling or peeling – something that can really make the difference when it comes to your final product.

Xyron lamination machines are the kind of investment that keeps paying dividends. The process itself could not be simpler. Just feed an item in, turn the handle and then trim to the required length and you’ll be left with a state of the art adhesive print in the blink of an eye.

Adhesive Lamination At Graphics Direct

Here at Graphics Direct, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with access to the highest quality products at fantastic value. Through our extensive industry knowledge, we are perfectly placed to provide each and every customer with informed, impartial guidance to ensure that their purchase is suited to their requirements.

For more information on our Xyron Professional Range, further guidance regarding the benefits of our selection of lamination machines or indeed anything regarding any of our other services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.