Pantone Release 244 New Colours for 2023.

by Chris Booth

So, does this mean I have to update all my Pantone colour guides?

I’m sure the jury is out with regards to this, as most of us will ask the question – Do we really need 244 new colours? 

There’s no simple answer as it really depends upon you, or your company’s situation and requirements.

If you have recently purchased a Pantone guide over the last few months, you will probably think that it’s now out of date and that you feel somewhat short-changed with the fact that it has now been updated. This is understandable but you can be rest assured that the guide you bought will have a true representation of the colour you need to reproduce either via print, design, or manufacturing production. The extra colours added can also be purchased as a supplement guide for a limited period after a new guide has been released so you can still be confident that you have the full colour spectrum available

Pantone usually updates their Colour Guides every 3-4 years. This is something we, as authorised Dealers are not privy to as they do keep any updates as classified information and we don’t find out until they are released. The general rule of thumb is that Pantone recommends that you should update your guides every 12 to 18 months.

If you haven’t updated your Pantone Guides and Chip Books for several years, you are not just missing opportunities to build your brand and enhance your product lines with the latest colour additions. You are also likely viewing faded, yellowed, or otherwise inaccurate colour, meaning the colour that you’re looking at isn’t necessarily the same as what your customers are seeing – or the same as what will be produced. This can lead to a lot of extra rework, time, and money.

Is Colour very Powerful in Making Purchasing Decisions?

80% of human experience is filtered through the eyes, but colour grabs our attention first. It conveys a message and a mood and can be the key to your success.

Every colour and colour combination expresses something different. This is called a psychological reaction to a physiological response.

Colour influences ideas and product purchasing decisions by 85%.


“Colour! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of Dreams”

Paul Gauguin



Pantone colour guides can help you achieve your goals of success by creating the right colour combinations.

Keeping up to date with trend forecasting is also paramount to make sure you're right up to date with what is inspiring your customers.

As an ‘Authorised Pantone Distributor’, we can help you with the correct guide choice for your particular application and also offer very competitive pricing and next day delivery.


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