Spraybooth Maintenance

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Spraybooth Maintenance

So you’ve bought the spraybooth but are you changing the filters regularly?

In a busy studio environment its easy to forget to keep up with regular filter changes to both the intake and charcoal filters but to maximise efficiency its important to do so. The simple rule is if you use the machine each day the intake filters need replacing every 4 weeks and the charcoal filter every 12 weeks. Lower usage you can double the life expectancy of each filter layer


Intake Filters

Intake Filters



The top layer of filtration, intake filters absorb initial overspray from glues and other sprays trapping lighter particulate in the filter weave. Maintaining a strict regime of managing filter changes is paramount to ensure both operators of the SimAir Gloo Booth and other studio users work in a clean and safe environment. As soon you can see the surface of the filter is covered in glue and excess glue cannot be filtered through then you should replace the filter, mark down the date this in done and then check every couple of weeks to make sure everything is functioning correctly


Charcoal Filters

Charcoal Filters







The Charcoal filter is designed to take out all the organic nasty chemicals and odors from the spray adhesives. The charcoal filter sits underneath the intake filter which then filters the particulate which has permeated through the intake filter





Here at Graphics Direct we offer a variety Spraybooths and Filter kits which include everything you need. 

Starting with the SimAir Gloo Booth

To make life a little easier we have put together a Gloo Booth filter kit that comprises of all the replacement filters and a new hood that you will require for your Simair Spraybooth. Simply choose the size of machine and this will be everything you will need. Remember we advise that for daily users replacing the blue intake filters should be done every two months with the charcoal filter, that sits underneath, changed every 6 months. For intermittent users you can double the shelf life.

We also include our own brand GraphicPro Studio Spraybooth, and again, we put a full filter kit together to make it as easy as possible to keep up with your spray booth maintenance.

A GraphicPro Studio spray booth filter kit offers you a comprehensive package giving you both intake and charcoal filters which will keep your machine working efficiently for another 3 to 6 months dependent on usage. 
The Studio spray station has a 3 stage filtration system comprising top section blue followed by white with the charcoal filter at the bottom. Each section captures varying degrees of particulate with the impregnated charcoal collecting the heaviest particulate ensuring the user is working in a safe environment. 

 (Please note these filters are also available separately)



We recommend buying only genuine replacement filters and accessories. We hold stock of replacement hoods, liners and ducting kits for all the ranges we offer.

If you need technical advice simply call us on
01423 359 730


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