What Can I Do With Foamboard?

by Business Tech Pro Collaborator



3mm, 5mm, 10mm white, black, black grey, self-adhesive, bio- degradable the range and choice is extensive and so are the creative possibilities. 

Most people think foamboard is only used for mounting images or designs. Quick spray with adhesive, smooth the image on and hey presto! you have yourseld a finished image, but foamboard offers so much more than that. 



_Lightweight construction, an extruded polystrene core with card and paper outer liners,    foamboard is the ideal material for model _making. suprisingly rigid and easy to cut, you can  quicklly create complex buildings, scaled models, 3D shapes, the possibilities are _endless. Why   not create a DIY photo booth for taking product photos. 


For help cutting accurate shapes you need Foamwerks, a range of tools suitable for foamboard up to 10mm thick. These will take the stress out of creating your design and save you time. 



For a cheap and effective storage solution, foamboard could be just what your looking for - take a look at how this blogger made her copic marker storage unit - "foamboard copic storage"




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