Whats Happening In The Marker Market?

by Grace Booth


Have You Heard About The 2018 Global Price Increase In Copic Markers?
No? Well.. We have recently been informed by our supplier that Copic will be putting in place a price increase world wide around March 2018, As this is a global price change it will be applied to everyone selling the Copic Range. This means buy your copic markers online from us today!  
However, dont worry! Since the end of 2017 when the copic price increase was announced, it has opened up a whole sector in the marker industry allowing new, up and coming markers to shine through. So here at Graphics Direct we have it covered, We are now stocking a new product range "Stylefile Graphic Markers", a more affordable alternative to Copic markers, along with a comprehensive colour spectrum that will appeal to a wide variety of users. 
Are you looking for the next marker trend for 2018? Get ahead of the game and take a look at the new StyleFile Graphic markers, These are an exciting new range of alcohol-based markers that are sure to please! These markers will appeal to most, if not all marker enthusiasts not only due to their quality, but more the fact that they are affordable - whether you be a day-to-day doodler or a more professional renderer, these are a marker not to be missed. 
The Stylefile markers come in 124 finely tuned colours, which are all refillable - making the StyleFile marker always reusable, tailer to an assortment of audiences, Artists, Designers , Architects who search for reliable quality to put forward their ideas and designs.
Wanting The Best Surface To Get The Best Results? Wanting To Do These Markers Justice? Wanting To Create Stunning Visuals?
Yes,Yes,Yes? Then get your hands on a bleedproof marker pad from Graphics Direct and it will help keep your work looking great all year round. At Graphics Direct we only supply the best marker pads at the most affordable prices, in a variety of sizes so you’ll always be able to find the right one to match your requirements.
Here at Graphics direct all of our bleedproof marker pads will excel, here are our suggestions:
-Crescent Rendr Marker Pads (NEW REVOLUTIONARY PAD)                                                     

Find Out More About The Alternative Marker Pens We Have On Sale
As you are probably aware, The Copic Brand are one of the biggest marker brands distributing to over 50 countries all over the work, and without a doubt the leading No.1 alcohol based marker in Japan. Ever since they were developed in the 1980s, they have been the "go to" marker pen brand for over 30 years.

Did you know Copic markers can be used for airbrushing?
You do now! There are a few systems on offer to turn your marker pen into a fully functioning airbrush using the mini airbrush kit. You simply just place your Copic Sketch or Original Copic into the handle, press the button and spray! The ideal tool for perfecting those backgrounds, layering and covering larger areas.
The Winsor and Newton Graphic marker collection is led by the Winsor & Newton Pigment marker TM ,creating pens so revolutionary it will change the  way you work forever. There are 148 shades of ProMarker, meaning they will cater for every aspect, loaded with an alcohol-based transulcant ink. Here at Graphics direct we havea variety of Winsor and Newton Graphic Marker types on offer:
Expert, versatile and boasting an unrivalled colour spectrum, the Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a must-have, professional quality addition to your marker collection.
Why chose the ProMarker? Not only are they great quality at an affordable price, they have a variety of other additions:
Two built in Nibs
Alcohol Based Ink
Extended Colour depth
Fully blendable
Wide Colour range.
Are you looking for a marker that provides the ultimate precisions and flexible line control?
Yes? Then the Winsor and Newton Brushmarkers are your next MUST HAVE! They add versatility to your drawing and illustration practice. The 72-colour rich range is highly blendable and offers print quality, streak-free coverage.
72 colours to chose from
Blend-friendly, with malleable, alcohol-based, translucent ink
Twin-tipped, with quality broad chisel nib and brush nib.
Want to mix up your Watercolour artwork? Take a look these! World renowned for producing the finest traditional paints from water colour to oil paint Winsor&Newton have now applied their technical expertise into developing a range of water colour markers. 
They are:
Highly pigmented water-based ink delivering superb colour performance
Lightfast, excellent colour saturation and blending
Twin tip - fine point and flexible tip
Can use in conjunction with water colour brushes

What else is on offer at Graphics Direct ?
Take a look to find your perfect marker!  
Great artists lead to great materials


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