Which Sketch pads should I choose?

by Chris Booth

A quality sketch pad is a must for all creative people including students, designers, Architects, and anyone who wants to capture the lightbulb moment. New ideas spring into your mind and then into life by a quick sketch whether you are on the move or sat in your studio, getting these down on paper is a must and can increase your creativity tenfold.

GraphicPro Quality Sketchpads

There are a variety of Sketch pads available with differing qualities for all mediums that you may want to use. Most of the time this will be for sketching with either pencil or pen and the GraphicPro sketch pad range is perfect. These UK made pads give you excellent quality 140gsm premium white cartridge paper that will make you sketches stand out and bring your imagination to life. They are available in hardbacked spiral bound form and in soft backed stappled in a range of sizes from A5 to A3. Bulk deals and extra discounts are available for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

 40 sheets of quality premium white cartridge in the hard-backed Spiral pads and 20 sheets in the stapled pad.


Artgecko Sketch pads & Journals.    

If you’re after a sketch pad that’s Sustainably sourced, UK made, along with excellent quality, then look no further than the ArtGecko range of pads. The Classy Gecko are a case bound hard backed pad with a beautiful matt black tactile cover. They are available in many sizes and in both Landscape and portrait and contain 46 sheets (92 pages) of 150gsm acid free, premium white cartridge paper with a medium surface - making it suitable for all media. It features stitched paper sections of FSC certified paper and a sturdy, black, fully cased cover with a 'soft touch' laminated finish making it both durable and wipe clean.



The Art Gecko Swanky range is the sophisticated big brother of the Classy Sketchbook. Offering more sheets of premium acid-free cartridge paper and a distinctive soft grain leather cover it's ideal for all artists and designers
Durable limp bound soft leather cover

62 sheets (124 pages) 150gsm cartridge paper 210 x 148mm bound on the long edge

FSC grade paper, sustainably source and UK made

Page maker so you never lose your page

Sized for wet strength suitable for a variety of techniques and media such as pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen and ink work and light watercolour washes


Crescent Rendr Pads

If you use Markers, you’ll love these! The ultimate Bleed proof Marker pad.

A revolutionary bleed proof paper that allows you to use 100% of the sketchbook, pad or roll with no show through. The Crescent Rendr pad is US made with patented technology allowing you to use both sides even with solvent-based markers or acrylic washes and they won't bleed through. Available in a variety of sizes, wire bound and lay flat pads Crescent Rendr pads are the future for all media usage. All pads come with a stylish and attractive black cover.



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