Airbrush Cleaning Pots

This is a great tool for all airbrush users

  • The Airbrush Cleaning pot is designed for taking away all the overspray from your airbrush when you are cleaning it

  • Simply place the tip of the airbrush into the hole on the top of the cleaning pot and spray through any remaining colour and cleaning fluid and the glass pot catches all the overspray

  • It is fitted with a hanger that will accommodate both gravity feed and suction feed airbrushes

  • It also has a stand which keeps the pot balanced when on the desk

  • Comes with spare filter and a spare airbrush holder

Here is a great tip- If your using acrylic paints the best cleaner to use is window cleaner. Just simply buy any of the vinegar based window cleaners at the supermarket ie Mr Muscle and water this down half & half (with Water). Spray this liquid through a couple of times and thats it. A clean airbrush!

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