Copic Sketch Sets

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If you’re looking for marker pens then look no further than Copic Sketch. These refillable marker pens not only have both a chisel/brush tip at either end, but come in two easily changeable sizes – Medium Broad and Super Brush. With 358 colours to choose from, there is a Copic Sketch set from Graphics Direct perfect for what you need, whatever you need it for.

Copic Sketch markers use the alcohol-based, quick-drying ink perfect for the artist with a deadline. They’re also suitable for everything from drawing on laser prints to colouring your commissioned sketches. You can even develop your own colours and lighten tones with the Copic Sketch Blender Pen to get the perfect colour from your same Copic Sketch sets, every time. There’s a reason Copic Sketch sets are the best-selling, most prestigious markers on the market today. They’re top quality, versatile pens you can always rely on, and you can buy a wide range of sets from Graphics Direct today at affordable prices.

Copic Markers

Copic markers are well known across the industry for their quality, usability and the plethora of colours on offer – particularly in the Copic Sketch sets and Copic Original sets. If you work with anything bright and colourful, from drawing comics and manga to designing tattoos or colouring your commissions, you will have heard of Copic pens. The slim, rectangular body of the Copic Sketch is unique among Copic markers, and they’re still compatible with the Copic Airbrush system, making those tedious backgrounds easier and less time consuming. If you want to work with the best tools for the job, you want to work with Copic pens.

There are 6 different Copic pens to choose from, varying in colour availability, nib size and shape. Whatever your drawing needs, there is a Copic marker perfect for you. We sell Copic Sketch sets in sizes from 12 to 72 markers, grouped by what you’d need them for, be it basic colours, skin tones, or even just 12 shades of grey. They say a workman blames their tools – with this level of quality and availability, you will never blame your Copics. Investing in one of our Copic Sketch sets is truly that – an investment.

Why Buy From Graphics Direct?

Here at Graphics Direct we are dedicated to providing our customers with access to first-rate art and design products at affordable prices. Over the years we have acquired a wealth of industry knowledge, which means we are able to provide all of our customers with helpful and well-informed advice regarding all of our products. No matter what your needs and requirements, we believe that no creative mind should go un-equipped. Start creating something truly amazing today by investing in a set of our Copic Sketch sets.

If you require more information about Copic markers, call us today. Our friendly team will be able to discuss the range with you and help you to find the ideal drawing board for your home or studio. Get in touch with us today for any extra information you need about our products.


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