Since 1974, Logan has been a leader in mat cutting equipment and accessories. Innovative in design, high in quality and affordability the Logan range are perfect for all usage from light to heavy-duty.

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Logan 301-1 Compact Classic Mount Cutter

On Sale £192.06 (inc VAT)

Save 15%

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Logan 424-1 Team System Plus

On Sale £75.30 (inc VAT)

Save 12%

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Logan 2000 Push Style Handheld Mat Cutter

On Sale £41.38 (inc VAT)

Save 25%

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Logan 4000 Deluxe Handheld Mat Cutter

On Sale £62.14 (inc VAT)

Save 31%

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Logan 701-1 Straight Cutter Elite

On Sale £38.29 (inc VAT)

Save 24%

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Logan Adapt-a-Rule Systems

On Sale from £41.38 (inc VAT)

Save up to 18%


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Logan 270-10 Replacement Blades

On Sale £5.74 (inc VAT)

Save 28%

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